“What is the city but the people

“What is the city but the people?” William Shakespeare. Cities or Villages should be planned accordingly, with a careful and utmost consideration of the people who lives in it. Over the years, cities have emerged here and there, from a silent and sedate community to a bustling and buoyant city. In her essay, “City Life vs. Village Life!” Negi Mohita has tried to discern the difference of city life against village life.
Mohita believed that families are closer with each and every member in a village community as compared with the family in the cities, this is very apparent here in the Philippines. While I used to work in Manila, I lived with my older siblings, though we occupy the same house, we seldom saw much less talk with each other because of the busy life we lead in the Manila. There, working in a graveyard shift (10pm to 6am) is a common thing, my siblings and I do not share the same work schedule so we rarely saw one another. While in a rural community like here in San Isidro, the common work schedule didn’t last until 10:00 pm otherwise you’ll have a hard time commuting from work to home. Due to these scenarios, family living in a village tends to be closer with one another, members are at home by nighttime, and they dine together and perform recreations at the comfort of their own home. News especially gossips travels fast in village, should you met an accident, you don’t need mobile phone, a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account trust your neighbor that they will bring the news straight to your family in a flash, faster than 24 Oras or TV Patrol. Cost of living in a village is much cheaper than that of the city, mainly because there are few establishments that will lure the people to spend their money with unlike in the city that for almost every street corner there are food shops, salon, boutiques that they can binge shop with. Nothing is free in the city, even sweet potato tops are being brought, whereas in a village, you’ll find it in your backyard.
Village life is ideal for a family oriented Filipinos, however, due to lack of job/business opportunities, big universities and hospitals, we were left with no choice but to try and test the water there. But as Shakespeare has said “What is the city but the people?” will just have to make do and make the most of what is given to us.