There is no specific definition for the word “hero

There is no specific definition for the word “hero.” In my opinion, a hero is a person who sacrifices their benefit for the greater good. Sometimes, that sacrifice is a part of the critical event, or it just simply happens in life. Moreover, the act of hero may have negative consequences for themselves, and the most harmful effects make the act more heroic. For example, the case of Titanic, while people were trying to escape, the engineers sacrificed themselves to extend forty-five minutes of lights and power to save hundreds of lives (Nelsen). This action put their lives in the dangerous situation; however, this is a heroic act. For this reason, suicide should be considered as a heroic action if the suicide brings back benefits for other people but not for their own. In the story “Patriotism,” both Shinji and Reiko act is fit with the definition of a hero.