The social media environment is rapidly changing and to be left behind is not an option

The social media environment is rapidly changing and to be left behind is not an option. Not only does social flatform encourages socialization, it now the instrument and the medium of trading supported by globalization. The social media is obviously changing communication outlook and data sharing. Entertainment website promotes the use of YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social platforms. The evolution of technology allows for modern apps on smartphones, photography, and videos with digital resolution. The advances in modern technologies allow the sharing of biodata to be view by other users. The advent of social media has made the impossible possible. Social media offer adolescence perspective means of communication and the dangers ahead are still unknown. For this reason, it is vital that parents seek for more insight to guild their children right.
According to (Chau, 2010). Thesis statement “The Internet as a Means of Communication” His article states the various possible ways to use the social media, he also discussed briefly on socialization. Another author by name (Rosen, 2011). Thesis statement “Social network in creativity,” He writes that social media is a modern tool used by students for academic purposes. According to (Clark-Pearson, O’Keeffe, 2011).Thesis statement “Creativity of Social media” The article educates us on how children meaning adolescents, are capable of changing the environment in positive ways, for examples fundraising for campaigns and political moving.
The positive advantages of the social media cannot be overemphasized, its negative impact is more alarming and disturbing. Social media can also affect the mental state of health according to (Rideout, 2010), I quote research has not been able to find the meeting intersection where advantage overlap with disadvantages.
Cyberbullying is fast becoming a major trend causing depression and anxiety. Cyber assault explains why suicide attempt is on the rise, according to (Kowalski, 2009).
In conclusion, social media should be in moderation. According to (Rosen, 2011) – Thesis statement “Why student fails” he explains why academic outcomes are in decline often due to lack of seriousness resulting from social media.