The present study has been presented in five chapters as follows

The present study has been presented in five chapters as follows:
1. Introduction and Research Methodology:
In this chapter, the matter of research work will be discussed at length and focused on introduction and research methodology. It will cover Introduction, Need for corporate social responsibility, Dimensional aspect of corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility of India, Conceptual framework, Statement of the Problem, Objective of the study, Hypothesis of the study, Significance and research methodology of the study.
2. Review of Literature:
In the chapter, the review of literature according to present study will be discussed. The researcher review the research work done by various researchers in Social Responsibility, MSRTC and related subjects, books on this subject, journals, available data on internet, net books, and research papers as well as the reports of various committees and related special institutions. The views expressed by research scholars in their M. Phil dissertation and the PhD thesis in Shivaji University are also noted.
3. Profile of Sangli District & MSRTC:
This chapter will consist of valuable information regarding profile of Sangli and Profile of MSRTC.
Profile of Sangli consist of History of Sangli, Post- independence development, Administration, Geographical location, Geology, Physical setting of the region, Relief, Drainage, Climate, Rainfall, Soils, Crops, Education facilities, Medical facilities, Industries, Tourism, Transport and communication and Population.
Profile of MSRTC consists of following:
1. Introduction
2. History of MSRTC
3. Vision of Corporation
4. Organizational Structure
5. Corporation Set-up
6. Services of MSRTC
Profile of Sangli Division consists of following:
1. Sangli division of MSRTC
2. Structure of Sangli Division
3. Corporate Social Responsibility Cell
4. Depot wise Services
4. Data Analysis and Interpretation:
This chapter will cover the analysis of collected data from various primary and secondary sources and its interpretation using graphs, tables, charts, and appropriate statistical tools. It also includes different facilities and related problems analyzed by this study.
5. Finding, Suggestions & Conclusion:
This chapter includes major finding of the research and suggestions for improving Corporate Social Responsibility of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation towards Sangli Division.