The Fall Of a City Answers Gholam Nadeali If I would be a designer of my own world

The Fall Of a City Answers
Gholam Nadeali

If I would be a designer of my own world, I would want to design it to attract tons of people to it. A way to attract people is by making my city more technological. Technology nowadays makes things super convenient and efficient for people, people can’t stand anything lesser so if my city is technologically advanced it will attract more people, especially newer generations. I would also like to prevent any sort of conflict with other places, and have a democracy in my city to make sure that citizens feels safe, and feel that they have a voice in what goes on within the city. My fantasy differs from Teddy’s fantasy due to the fact that in the text it talks about how “The Kingdom of Upalia” is at war with “Danova”. Also it appears that Teddy’s fantasy though in the future still uses primitive weapons like swords
Teddy seems to fantasize about things tying to like the medieval times. I see this when he talks about palaces, (“In the centre of the room stood a fort and a palace”) he talked about the citizens and they were tied in with medieval times hierarchies, (“The streets and alleys were full of nobles, peasants and soldiers”) and his kingdom is ruled by a king (“His majesty King Theodore”). It also appears that it is way into the future shown that the first war that the kingdom fought was in 2032. Based off of what Teddy fantasizes about, he most likely enjoys history however he puts his own twist on historical time periods but putting them in the future.
The big problem that fantasizing present for Teddy is that whilst fantasizing, his connection to reality is severed. We see this countless times during the story, the first time we see this is right at the beginning where Teddy is in the attic and his aunt is calling him for supper over and over again. Teddy’s connection to reality is severed again whilst he’s at supper, he suddenly begins thinking of Upalia and during that time he accidentally is spilling cream on himself without noticing.
Teddy’s aunt and uncle feel that he’s acting like a girl by fantasizing. We see evidence of this in the story when Teddy’s uncle goes in the attic to see what he has been doing and when they see the paper characters they assume that they are dolls and they associate dolls with things girls play with.
The reason teddy destroyed his fantasy world was inclined the comments made by his uncle. When his uncle called him a girl it set him off making him very angry. This may have also made him realise that in reality his actions goes against what society expects of him.
Just the general idea that Teddy is hiding his interest from his aunt and uncle allow us to relate to him because most of us in our lives may have been embarrassed about something that society my make fun of, so we would hide that thing to prevent others from knowing. We are also inclined to empathise with Teddy due to him experiencing something that many people experience in their lives, that being when he is caught doing or owning something (in his case the paper characters) and is judged based off what society relates with the action or object.
The uncle’s paper doll comment drove Teddy to destroy his own fantasy world. In the text the uncle would not allow Teddy to explain to him that they weren’t dolls. The comment also brought Teddy to the realisation that no matter how much he tries to explain his ways, society will always follow the common conformity.
The human truth that I think was presented in this story is that no matter what you do or what your interests are, society will always have their own opinion on the matter. I believe this is the human truth presented in the story because in this story the aunt and uncle could be symbolizing society and how they are like a hive-mind sharing the same opinions about different things always following their main belief and not allowing someone different (Teddy in this case) to explain.
This story ties in with a part of my belief in fairness which is how no matter how hard you are to explain that you are equal, society will just still cast you as an outsider. My idea on fairness should be everyone who commits and action that is considered weird, or odd by a collective deserves to have as much time as they need to explain why the commit something like that, to help people understand, and the collective must respect that and accept it.