The defenses for the claims mentioned above are

The defenses for the claims mentioned above are:
1) Breaching of contract- The defense to this offense are;
• The contract being no longer possible to fulfill, or its purpose has become frustrating e.g. if a man hired an interior designer to design his house based on a contract, and the house burns down before the task was performed so then the contract is no longer going to be fulfilled.
• If the contract lacks consideration, this means that when the contract seems to be less considerate or unfair towards the other part, for e.g. a contract between two co-owners of a company where one is investing and the other is not doing nor giving anything in return.
• If the contract is illegal, e.g. a contract made by a person for supplying illegal drugs to another person.
• Contract containing mutual mistake, e.g. mutually two parties agreed to invest $1million each but the contract says $2million. This is the case where both the parties had intended to do something and in the contract by mistake there was something else stated.

2) Asault- There are usually two main types of defenses in an assault charge; a) Self-defense, here the defendant needs to prove that his action was a reaction to some sort of harm or threat he got from the other person in question and it was unintentional. b) Consent Defense- Here the two parties mutually agree to get involved in a particular activity, this will not hold one person liable for the assault, but if the act exceeds the mutual permitted time, then the offender can be punished.

How to Defend Yourself Against Assault Charges

3) False Imprisonment- The defense to this claim is that the defendant should be able to show that the victim cannot prove one of the elements. For example, here in this case if Ms. Bakilana can prove that she kept Ms. Kiwanuka in isolation according to the contract, or maybe she didn’t actually keep Ms. Kiwanuka in isolation, then this can be her defense.