Question 1

Question 1 (a)
i. Background of the company
CIMB Group Holdings Berhad is a Malaysian universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and operating in high growth economies in ASEAN. CIMB Group is an indigenous ASEAN investment bank. CIMB has a wide retail branch network with 1,080 branches across the area.
The group operates under several bodies, which include CIMB Investment Bank, CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic, CIMB Niaga, CIMB Securities International and CIMB Thai. The group’s business activities are mainly in the areas of Consumer Banking, Wholesale Banking, comprising Investment Banking and Corporate Banking, Treasury ; Markets, and Group Strategy ; Strategic Investments, with its core markets being Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. CIMB Islamic runs in parallel with these businesses, in line with the group’s dual banking model.
The group has over 40,000 employees located in 18 countries, covering ASEAN and major global financial centers, as well as countries in which its customers have important business and investment dealings.
The group’s geographical reach and its products and services are complemented by partnerships. Its partners include the Principal Financial Group, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Standard Bank and Daewoo Securities, among others.

ii. Description of the logo of the company

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iii. The vision of the company
To be the leading ASEAN company.

iv. The mission of the company
To provide universal banking services as a high performing, institutionalized and integrated company located in ASEAN and key markets beyond, and to champion the acceleration of ASEAN integration and the region’s links to the rest of the world.

v. Values of the company
Our values are the beliefs that guide our actions as we pursue our vision.
• Customer-centric:
We exist to serve our customers and we sell good products and services that our customers understand and value.
• High performance:
We work hard and we work strategically for customers, staff and other stakeholders.
• Enabling People
We empower and align our people to innovate and deliver value in their workplace as well as for the community they serve.
• Strength in Diversity
We have respect for different cultures, we value different perspectives and we recognize diversity as a source of strength.
• Integrity
We are honest, respectful and professional in everything we do because integrity is the founding value of CIMB.

vi. Organizational charts of the company

vii. Media reports about the company
Kuala Lumpur: CIMB Bank Berhad and PT Bank CIMB Niaga recently won a total of six awards at The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards 2018. The awards are annual industry excellence recognition for corporate treasury management, trade finance, supply chain and risk management.
CIMB Bank Berhad won the awards for Best in Treasury and Working Capital – SMEs (for the second consecutive year); Best Service Provider for Cash Management and Best Cash Management Solution. PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, on the other hand, won the awards for Best Service Provider for E-Solutions Partner (for the second consecutive year); and two separate Best Cash Management Solution awards.
Hendra Lembong, CEO, Group Transaction Banking, CIMB Group, said, “These awards are a testament to CIMB’s transaction banking leadership and a strong commitment to delivering solutions that drive real value for our customers. As a leading ASEAN universal bank, our focus on developing cutting-edge digital propositions will also empower customers to grow their business locally. We are humbled by these awards and appreciate our customers for their continued believe in CIMB.”
The Best Cash Management Solutions awards recognized CIMB’s widespread network in Malaysia and Indonesia, with innovative delivery systems and numerous collections tools, including cashless and straight-through-processing solutions. These have enabled clients to increase efficiency, save cost and increase cash flow. CIMB’s cash management solutions contain Plug n Pay, mobile Point-of-Sale, and the Corporate Card Solutions.
The Best in Treasury and Working Capital – SMEs award recognized CIMB’s initiatives in empowering Malaysian SMEs with cash management and trade finance capabilities that significantly improve their treasury and working capital management.
David Lim, Chief Executive, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Kong Branch, getting the six awards on behalf of CIMB Bank Berhad and PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk at The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards 2018 Ceremony held in Hong Kong recently.

b) Write an essay describing ten detailed reasons for choosing the particular company. You may include any relevant information about the company that will show the distinction of the company in comparison with other companies in Malaysia.

One of the reasons for choosing CIMB Bank is a nice place to work with the great team to make the workplace as an interesting place to work. For example, an employee works as long as 26 years under CIMB Bank with the team.

Secondly, CIMB Bank is the great place to learn new thing. The workers can learn new terms by answering a call from customers and dealing with their emotional response. We can improve our interpersonal skill and communication skills. For example, the bank worker needs to offer high-quality customer service by answering any doubt of the customers.

The most importance and attraction for workers CIMB Bank is a lot of welfare. EPF and Socso contribution by the employer are the basic welfare for the workers. The employee gets more benefits like a free vacation with free tickets and accommodation. For instance, the colleagues plan to a nice place for traveling to relax.

Next, the CIMB Bank workers have the good mood and motivation to start a working day. This is because they have morning session before starting their heavy task. For example, the workers play some fun games for 5-10 minutes to complete the game. This section is totally different from others companies such as Public Bank.

Another simple reason is nearby with the residential area. It is convenience to work on time and save the petrol cost. For instance, there have several modes to work such as bus, car, motor, LRT, and others.

In addition, CIMB Bank cares allowance of employees as much as they could. They paid high salaries amount to their employees. For example, vice president can get RM15, 000 for monthly and manager can get RM7, 000 until RM8, 000.

Moreover, the particular company very concern and take care of employee’s health. It is because they have provided a free medical care for employees and their families. For example, they can go to claim the free medical care when getting sick or any hurt.

Furthermore, the employees those who worked in CIMB Bank can enjoy additional tax savings. It is because they could achieve a specific amount then they can get the tax relief. So that, they can save the extra money to pay more tax fees.

Besides that, the staff has the opportunity and easy to get further information about the investment. The employees can get the latest information updates to make better decisions. Hence, they will satisfy more profit with CIMB Bank investment by the latest update with current issues such as read news, get a briefing from the manager and be alert on the fluctuation of the financial market.

Last but not least, the management has arranged the time hour very well. It is because their working hour is rather flexible with as long as tasks are completed on time then can leave. However, it is up to you to work as overtime or on time. So, those who have children is very convenient for them.

Question 2 (a)

1. Banker
i. Personal bankers are sometimes referred to as securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents.
– They are responsible for performing banking duties and overseeing the financial activities for personal accounts.

ii. The requirements to apply for a banker included a high school diploma or GED.
– A college degree isn’t necessary to find work, but a 2-year associate or 4-year bachelor’s degree in math, finance or business might help one get hired or promoted.

2. Management Trainee
i. They have to receive training from the concerned people in addition to performing duties in some departments such as client services, healthcare data, operations, sales of a particular organization.
– Next, learning staff functions and line, management viewpoints, company policies, practices and operations which are important in the proper functioning of an organization in the corporate world.

ii. The minimum requirements to become a Management trainee involved possesses a good honor Degree or Master Degree in the Actuarial Study with minimum CGPA of 3.5 from a well-recognized University in any discipline.
– Then it is very important with an open-minded individual who enjoys working in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

3. Relationship Manager
i. Manage and develop a portfolio of corporate banking customers with a purpose to deepen and broaden relationships with our clients.
– Achieve various individual business targets and contribute to the team performance.
– Conduct regular review and take proactive measures to ensure credit quality.
– Cross-sell a full range of banking products.

ii. Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Banking, Finance or relevant qualification.
– Minimum of 5 years experience in relationship management, preferably in financial institutions.
– Strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills.
– Proficiency in English, Bahasa Melayu, and Chinese.

4. Business Analyst
i. Provide analytical, marketing and research support to banking activities including data collection, analysis and project management
– Prepare financial and market analysis
– Prepare banking service analysis including deposits, interests, corporate banking and cash management
– Develop portfolio analysis pricing and profitability analysis

ii. Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or similar fields.
– Minimum 3 years working experience as a business analyst in the banking industry
– Proficiency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook
– Effective communication, computer, analytical and project management skills

5. IT Manager
i. Manage information technology and computer systems
– Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations
– Ensure security of data, network access, and backup systems

ii. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a computer field
– Minimum 5 years working experience in IT field
– Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware or software systems
– Hand-on experience with a computer network and network installation

6. Accountant
i. Description or job scope
– responsible for maintaining the institution’s general ledger
– responsible for conducting month-end close
– accountant responsible for a specific financial function in the large institutions
– For instance internal auditor, tax specialist, treasury accountant

ii. Minimum qualification
– must typically possess at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
– at least 3 years working experience
– good at communication skills and interpersonal skills

7. President
i. Description or job scope
– is a financial services executive who oversees banking operations, planning, policies, and practices
– generally reports to the CEO and has several direct reports responsible for a variety of lending, deposit, savings, credit, and other consumer banking products
– responsible for both internal and external communication and marketing of financial products
– representing the bank in the media, speaking at conferences on behalf of the bank, planning and monitoring budgets and other financial activity.

ii. Minimum qualification
– bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in finance
– Education is important as well but the experience will always take driver’s seat

8. Intern
i. Directly answer phone inquiries to provide basic company information and respond to network communication, social media posts, and emails
– Assist in preparing and classification of information, research materials, and manage documents
– Take notes and memos during meetings

ii. Must be 18 years of age
– Familiar with computer skills such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel
– Self-reliant and able to work without supervision

9. Sales manager
i. Direct distribution of product or service and assign sales territories
– Manage a team of sales staff.
– Create prizes and other rewards for a sales representative to meet their goal.

ii. Minimum qualification
– Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills
– Ability to lead a sales team

10. General manager
i. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
– Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.
– Develops a strategic plan by studying technological and financial opportunities.

ii. Minimum qualification
– Ability to coach, train and motivate employees
– 5 years and above Qualification Review Sheet experience

Question 3
Resume (1)
Name: Agnes Tan Hooi Lee
Telephone Number: 010 3808 252
Email: [email protected]
Gender: Female
Language: Chinese, Malay, English
Address: 8-06, Pangsapuri Duta Emas, 14000 Bukit Mertajam , Pulau Pinang.
• I would like to perform well in your company by achieving all the possible targets.
• To acquire a position in your organization and gain knowledge and improve the working experience.
Educational Background
• Degree in Accountancy at IPK College
From the Year 2016 to the Year 2018
CGPA 3.3
• Diploma in Accountancy at IPK College
From the Year 2014 to the Year 2016
CGPA 3.5
• Secondary school at SMK Permai Indah
Graduated when From 5
SPM result was 8As
Working Experience
• As a clerk in Finance Department at Ban Chuan Trading Co. Sdn Bhd for 1 year.
• As a waitress in Yang Jia Restaurant as a part-time job.
• As a promoter in Billion Shopping Centre when holidays.
Computer Knowledge
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft PowerPoint

Cover letter (1)
Dear Sir / Madam:
I am Agnes Tan Hooi Lee, graduated from IPK College with the course of Diploma in Accountancy. I have got so much experience that enhanced my leadership skills along with my academic qualification. Malay, English, and Chinese are my fluent languages.
During my study life, I have learned a lot of accounting management skills. Last year, I had been worked as a practical training at Ban Chuan Trading Co. Sdn Bhd with a position clerk in Finance Department. Computer Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint are offering me.
If I am lucky to be selected to work in your company, I believe that I can help in term of managing the company’s Accounts as well and developing the company’s revenue in the next several years.
Having believe in that, your company is the right choice for me to make my skills and qualification useful. I really hope to get a favorable reply from your side and I will keep follow up with you in a few days to answer any preliminary questions that you may have. In the meantime, you may reach me at 010-3808 252 for any require.
Yours truly,
(Agnes Tan Hooi Lee)

Resume (2)
Name: Tan Sze Kee
Gender: Female
Nationality: Malaysian
Telephone Number: 0185765262
Email: [email protected]
Address: 49, Jalan Murai Jaya 2, Taman Murai Jaya, 14100 Simpang Ampat,
Pulau Pinang

– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrative at IPK College (CGPA 3.5)
– Diploma of Business Administrative at IPK College (CGPA 3.2)
– Assistance Relationship Manager in OCBC Bank (2016-2018)
– Customer Service Supervisor in OCBC Bank (2014-2016)
– Customer Service Representative in RHB Bank (2012-2014)

Key Skills
– Excellent Communication skills
– Exceptional customer service
– Good sales and negotiation skills
– Ability to analyze and research information

Career Objectives
– To achieve all possible targets and help to ensure a company’s growth.
– To gain more knowledge and ensure the vision of the company is achieved well.

Cover letter (2)
Human Resource of CIMB Bank

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Tan Sze Kee. I graduate from IPK College with the course in Business Administrative. I am writing to express my interest in the position of Relationship Manager. I learned a lot of things about my college life such as leadership skill, communication skill, and interpersonal skill and so on.
I have six years of working experience in relationship management. I began my career as a customer service representative at RHB Bank. I had learned an of lot new thing in relationship management although I had no any experience. I learned to solve and deal with all customer’s requests and complaints to provide good customer service for them. After three years, I become a customer service supervisor. Because of my strong communication skills, I was promoted to become an Assistant Relationship Manager at OCBC Bank.
One of my biggest strengths is my communication skill. Every day, I need to face many customers and help them solve any problems. High-quality customer service was offered to them.
Besides that, I have good customer service skill. For example, I received positive customer comment letter for my good service. Otherwise, my weakness is impatient. But, I am looking to improve in this area.
As you can see from my enclosed resume, my professional qualifications, and working experience match this position’s requirements. I strongly believe that this is the right company and good chance for me to make my skills and qualification useful. If I am selected to work for your company, I can help in term of developing the company’s growth and income.
I hope to get the reply from you as soon as possible. I will follow up to get the updates. If there is any question, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0185765262. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Resume (3)
Name: Ooi Soek Li
Age: 18 years old
Address: 2, Lorong Merak 48, Taman Merak Jaya, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 01123218505

Seeking a position as an accountant which can expand my experience and skills for a further career.

• Diploma in Accountancy
IPK College | May 2018 – present
SMK SIMPANG AMPAT | 2013 – 2017

Working experience
• Clerk | December 2017 – present
CT Link Management Services, Simpang Ampat.

Cover letter (3)
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am Ooi Soek Li. With great willingness, I am applying for the position as an accountant at CIMB Bank. I believe that my education, skill-set, and experience make me an ideal candidate for this position at your company.
I am taking the course of Diploma in Accountancy in IPK College. During my study life, I have gained a lot of experience in this field. While waiting for my SPM results, I worked as an accountant trainee at CT Link Management Service. I improved my Microsoft Word and Excel skills. Besides, I learned a lot of accounting knowledge.
I wish I could be a part of your company and growth myself in your company. I would be delighted to have an opportunity to personally interview with you. I really hope that I can receive a favorable reply from you. Please feel free to contact me at 011-23218505. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Resume (4)
1645 Jalan Sekolah,
Kampungan Berapit,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang.
Tel : 012-9876540
E-mail : [email protected]


? Individual seeking to get accountant position at your company which will good from strong mathematical, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.
? To help the company grow in the future and this also will make me gain some working experience

Education background

? Degree in accounting at IPK College
From the Year 2016 to 2018
CGPA is 3.2
? Diploma in accounting at IPK College
From the Year 2013 to 2015
CGPA is 3.3
? Secondary school at SMK Berapit
Graduated in the year of 2012
SPM result is 4As

Working Experience

? Work as a clerk at FAC Company for 2 years
? Practical training at KIT Company for 9 months
? Work as a waitress at Restaurant Tan during the school holiday

Cover Letter (4)
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am Seah Yi Wen. Regarding the job opening at job, I am interested in the accountant position of your company. I graduated with a degree in accounting from IPK College.
During my study life, I have learned a lot of accounting skills such as computer skills, communication skills, and others. Besides, I also had 9 months of practical training at KIT Company and more than 2 years working experience in FAC Company.
If I selected to work at your company, I believe my skills and motivation will shine in this work. I really hope that you will make a serious consideration of whether or not to hire me based on my resume. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.