Name and the classification of Marijuana
Marijuana is a depressant which slows down the messages going from your brain to your body but it also acts as a hallucinogen making you see things that aren’t really there .

Nature of drug
Marijuana is a greenish grey mixture of the dried flowers of cannabis sativa. Some may roll marijuana into a kind of cigarette and smoke it, (this is know as a joint), others will place marijuana into a water pipe, (also known as a bong) and lastly rolled in a cigar wrap is, (known as a blunt).

How to grow Marijuana?
Choose where to grow it
Choosing where to grow your marijuana plays a huge roll in the entire process and outcome, it varies from indoors and outdoors.
Indoors is much more private than growing outdoors and gives you more control over your plants.

You can grow this in a spare room, garage, basement and addict etc…
Choosing your light
Sun, Cfls, LED, Metal halide
Growing medium
Each growing medium has different types of water requirements. These are the most common type of growing mediums Soil, Soilless mix, Directly in water (hydroponics)
Choose your nutrients
Soil growers unless your growing with composted super soil you will need to buy cannabis nutrients made for soil to make sure your plants produce at their very best
Getting cannabis plants
Getting plants is simple, many cannabis collectives or dispensaries will happily sell you clones or seeds
Germinate seeds
The easiest way to germinate a seed is to place it directly in a specialised starter cube (keep starter cubes moist)
Vegetative stage
Young growing cannabis plants grow fastest when the temperature is a bit warmer than room temp
Flowering stage
This is the stage where your plants start making buds, the flowering stage is literally when your plant goes through puberty and reveals if it’s a boy or a girl
Harvest your weed
Wait until buds stop growing white hairs, by this point your buds shall be fragrant, wait until the already grown white hairs start to darken in colour by 40% and start to curl in this marks the beginning of the harvesting window.

Harvest when 50-70% have darkened for the highest THC levels.

Dry your newly harvested buds
After you have cut off and trimmed the beautiful plump buds, you will want to hang them upside down in a dark/cool place with plenty of ventilation so that they can dry out. Than your ready smoke or sell.
left42154200These are some street names for Marijuana POT, WEED, 420 GANGA, MARY JANE, BROCCOLI, BOO, BLAZE, SKUNK, BLUNT, JOINT, HERB, DOPE, GRASS, ERVA.

Current statistics
In 2016 around 3.1 million aussies were reported using illicit drugs. In 2016 the most used illicit drug was cannabis followed by misused pharmaceuticals, cocaine than ecstasy.
Cannabis was the most commonly used drug with 16% of students between 12-17yrs ever using cannabihttps://campaigns.health.gov.au/drughelp/drug-trends-and-statisticss and only 7% using it in the month before the survey.
Indigenous Australians whether living in urban or rural areas, are more likely than other Australians to report cannabis use. The 5 year study of adolescents and young adults in three different communities in Arnhem land in the Northern Territory has found that not only is cannabis use common in remote indigenous surroundings, but its affects on health and social adjustment are deep.

In difference cannabis use was widespread, with over 70% of males and 20% of females being current users
Effects of Marijuana
Short term
Short term memory loss
Severe anxiety
Lowered reaction time
Long term
Lowered IQ (by 8)
Poor school performance
Lower life satisfaction
Financial difficulties
Anti-social behaviour
The short term effects start to occur when (THC) rapidly moves from the lungs to the blood. This chemical acts on cannabinoid receptors, leading to getting high. These receptors are found in the parts of your brain that influence concentration, thinking, sensory, and time perception, pleasure, memory and coordination. Short term effects of Weed normally cease shortly after use. Dependency can form after Marijuana use, even it is used as a short term drug. The long term effects of Marijuana can lead to an adverse effect on memory and learning. Those who smoke marijuana consistently when young may experience cognitive impairment as adults even when no longer using the drug. The long term effects of marijuana can be unpredictable. Long term use can also lead to number of other unwanted effects such as respiratory issues.

Drugs, the law in Islam
Our country is slowly taking steps to legalise Marijuana with Vic becoming the first state to legalise it for young kids with epilepsy while NSW also allows use for patients suffering from illness such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. QLD laws are the most flexible in the country, which grant patients of any age or suffering from a range of illness access medicinal cannabis products. TAS allows medical cannabis in limited circumstances where conventional treatment has been unsuccessful, as does WA, SA, the NT and the ACT.

In Islam the use of narcotics is haram because it results in personal health and social cost, in the same way it is haram to deal with narcotics eg carrying, selling, transporting, buying.