Laser also called light-emitting diode

Laser also called light-emitting diode (LED), provides the broadcasted optical signals and affects all the transmitter capabilities of the system. Detector sensitivity has a very important role in the entire system performance. For telecommunication reasons, lasers which are able to be modulated at 20 Mbit /sec to 2.5 Gbit /sec can meet current marketplace demands. In addition, how the device is modulated and how much modulated power is produced both are important to the selection of a device. With Lasers of two wavelength (750nm –850nm) and (1550–1600nm), Free Space Optics systems have these characteristics:
-FSO operates for far distances at higher power levels
-Tiny path and low power utilization
-Works on a wide temperature range does not include main performance degradation.
– Finally the mean time among breakdown that exceeds 10 yr.