In this new era

In this new era, Internet is the most important things in our life for multiple usage. Everyone will use internet either students, employee, employers, and other people in this world. Internet can use in many ways such as for gaming, chatting, and media social. Moreover, even though Internet have a many positive benefits, it’s also have negative effect for people who using the Internet in the wrong ways. In my opinion, the negative effect of using Internet are Internet addiction disorder, reduced physical activity, and cyber bullying.

First, the most negative effect of using Internet is Internet addiction disorder. Internet addition disorder usually happened among teenagers and children. Teenagers and children always surf the Internet for games and media social. Games that they plays is an online games such as Dota2, Fifa Online, Black Squad and others. In media social, teenagers always surf the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the others. Internet addiction disorder also have their own negative side effects such as anxiety, depression, lack of sleep. In Japan (Aril 2010), a 30-year-old man who is addicted to internet killed his father and his 1 year-old niece because of his father terminated the contract of internet broadband. He then set up a fire and burnt his house. Internet addiction disorder are dangerous in our life and people should control their family or friends from being Internet addiction before anything bad happened.

Second, negative effects of using Internet can reduced physical activity. People who became Internet addiction disorder usually will reduced physical activity because they will surfing the Internet everyday while eating or laying on the bed and not doing physical activity such as exercise, picnic, attend some event, and the others. Physical activity is important in our daily life to get a healthy life and if people reduced physical activity for surfing the Internet, they will get many types of disease. Sysomos (2018) mentioned that lack of physical activity can get eyestrain from staring at screen for too long. And then, using Internet can reduced from doing outdoors activity and exercising.

Lastly, negative effects of using Internet can cause cyber bullying. The common places where cyber bullying occur are media social, SMS, and games. Cyber bullying is like sending negative content, sending negative photo, false information. It can include sharing private information that can cause embarrassment, or humiliation. According to Home Of Dissertations (2016) there have been a number of cases that involve teenagers suicide because of being cursed or humiliated through media social. Everyone should be careful when surfing the Internet because the cyber bully can get our information with just one click and they can do this cyber bullying in anytime or anywhere.

In the conclusion, there are a lot of negative effect of using Internet and all parents and people must control the times of using Internet. Negative effect of Internet are too dangerous because it’s can effect to anyone. In my opinion, the negative effect of using Internet are Internet addiction disorder, reduced physical activity, and cyber bullying.