I have choose to write about option two

I have choose to write about option two. As a health service administrator, I will
have many projects I will have to present to my staff. One responsibility I will have as a
health service administrator in scheduling. Scheduling will be my example for my major
project, as it is important for my staff to be prompt, reliable and dependable. To prevent
tardiness and absence, I designed a schedule that will be easy for the staff to follow,
that incorporates a plan A,B,C. I originally had not had a backup plan when I first started
making the schedule, which put me in a predicament and at risk of being short staffed at
times. I realized that I had made a mistake, and was on a tight dead line I remained
calm and revised the schedule. The
new project incorporates the new plan and will
allow the staff to have a backup option if they have to call off or need an extended
period of time off.