Hena ESL 51 Professor Christ Soholt 13 February 2018 Smartphones Smartphones become necessity these days

ESL 51
Professor Christ Soholt
13 February 2018
Smartphones become necessity these days. They are no longer used just for texting and calling. They become necessity due to its multifunctional tools. Smartphones are the technology at fingertips. Should students be allowed to use smartphones in class room? Yes, they should not just be allowed to use them but required to use them. Smartphones not just allow them to stay connected with their family but also with their fellow students. It also helps in finding their learning resources and encourage the responsible use of technology.Cellphones, especially smartphones are excellent learning resources. Students can use various tools such as calculator, internet, databases and calendar. Smartphones can be very helpful for the research purposes in science projects, also for the group projects, the group members can remain in touch with each other throughout the project. They can have discussions over their project with the help of cellphones. There are several websites for learning including essay writing, improving vocabulary etc., that can be used in the classroom. Cellphones are the easy and quick way to remain in touch with the technology in the classroom.

Cellphones encourages the responsible use of technology. Students can get to know where when and how to use their cellphone to enhance their knowledge. They become more independent in their life. They learn to make choices and accept consequences. If student is not paying attention to the teacher instead of that texting and playing games in the class, then the teacher should take the cellphone away temporarily. Before the test all the cellphones should be kept on the front desk. By permitting the use of cellphones in class, student will feel like they are being treated as young adults and they appreciate that. If the teachers are understanding, patient and consistent, students will surely become responsible user of technology.

In conclusion, due to the disruptions and distraction caused by cellphones, some people are not in favor of allowing the students to use cellphones in classroom. But we have to accept that we are living in the world of technology and cellphones are very important and useful part of the world. We should take advantage of this power of cellphone. Cellphones improve communication, provide learning resources, and encourage appropriate use of technology. teachers must incorporate this excellent device in classrooms