have chosen “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver

have chosen “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver. The short story focus on the lack of communication, separation, conflict, and struggle. This short story revolves about everyday life and the conflict husband/boyfriend and wife/girlfriend are going through. This story was used as a third person to reveal the actions between a man and a woman. The narrator only tells us what to be seen. No feelings get commented. All three characters are unnamed in the story. We don’t get to hear if they are married, or how old they are. The plot is conflict, and struggle that leads to a broken relationship. It is clear the couple is moving apart from each other. The wife holds the child, and they begin to argue about who should take care of the baby. The husband then decides to try and take the baby and in between them both doing so, the baby is hurt in a way which decides the arguments outcome. In the first paragraph it describes the setting as a dark story. “Early that day the weather turned, and the snow was melting into dirty water” (Carver 28). This setting symbols the word “snow” as something good which is turning the relationship into “dirty water”, meaning something dark is about to happen.
The tone of the short story is aggression and emotional, this is because of the physical altercation that takes place causing harm in separation. The relationship was once healthy and loving which faded all away causing harm to their baby. The theme of the short story is dysfunctional relationships, and lack of communication. This is because the relationship will have no resolution at the end. All the physical things that are happening outside are also happening inside. When arguing or fighting we should not get others involved, anyone can get hurt psychically and emotionally. When the flowerpot got knocked down this symbolized the theme by the relationship having no solution. The mood of the story starts getting gloomy, ‘Son of a bitch! I’m glad you’re leaving! She began to cry, you can’t even look me in the face, can you?’ (Carter 28). This shows that the relationship went downhill. It looks clearly as of the man being ashamed of something, since he cannot look at the woman in the face. I would think, the man cheated, which is one of the most common fights in a relationship. In my point of view I think that the couple were really selfish and greedy, and just acting in a childish way.