Good morning lords and ladies of the court

Good morning lords and ladies of the court, it is with great grief that I stand before you today at this case on the murder of our fair King Duncan by my defendant, the present Thane of Cawdor, Macbeth. Although he is undeniably guilty of regicide, the highest form of sacrilege, this case is clearly of diminished responsibility.
The prosecution has stated that this case is simple because he had murdered his liege although all is not as it seems. Macbeths tragic life was and always has been an instrument of fate. His mind and consciousness were heavily influenced by evil forces that eroded his perception of truth. The only defect that I see in Macbeth is that of ambition which was cruelly manipulated by evil external forces. The same ambition that I believe everyone has undeniably been convicted of at some point in our lives.
Undeniably at some point in our lives everyone has been convicted with ambition.
everyone has been convicted by ambition at some point in our lives.