Gist of thesis

Gist of thesis : the ussr and u.s. Both provided a biased depiction of the Cold war , but as the Soviet Union came to a close, documentation allowed post-revisionist picture of the cold war taught in American schools today
World war I ? world war II
Francis Ferdinand is assassinated
Lusitania is sunk
U.S. Declares war on germany after the sinking of Lusitania
Paris Peace Conference
Treaty of versailles ends WWI
Blame is put on Germany (foreshadowing WWII)

Japan invades Manchuria (begins WWII in the pacific)
Germany invades Poland (1939)
Germany/Soviet Union : nonaggression agreement
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor (1941)
Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ends WWII (1945)
Yalta Conference foreshadows Cold War (Three Powers have a hard time being in agreement)