Euclid made a few discoveries

Euclid made a few discoveries, he did make a few but small minute ones. His geometry is the study of points, lines, planes, and other geometric figures. they say that the most prolonged argument over time has been that the parallel positive which states that there can only be one line that contains a given point and is parallel to another line. Euclid was a good, smart man. Euclid was the leading mathematics teacher of all time.
I choose Euclid as my mathematician because his work has been based off other old Greek peopled work, but most of all the proof was made on his ow, he made his own work. He also eradiated with devising several particularly ingenious proofs of previously discovered theorems. He is and was the oldest mathematicians. I just thought it would have been interesting in writing about him since he’s so old and hasn’t been alive in years.
Euclid’s books were written about 2,300 years ago if not more. His books are still used in today’s generation. It was interesting reading that Euclid was the first person to write a complete convergent review of all geometry theory as he understood it. He’s like the father of geometry, he was the first who mainly created and thought about it first. He invented all concepts of geometry. He solved and written his work in a textbook. Then became famous off it. He paved his way for so many future thinkers to expand upon his organized ideas. He was smart.