Ethics this is related to the rights of ASDA

Ethics this is related to the rights of ASDA.its vital for ASDA to recruit ethically because it won’t damage ASDA’s reputation or their brand image and it will allow customers to apply for more vacancy jobs in ASDA that will boost their sales and also their profit. However, if ASDA behaves unethically they are likely to damage their brands perspectives in the eyes of their potential customers and making their stakeholders taking ASDA less seriously. Example of this less stakeholders will be interested them due to their bad reputation. ASDA would have to wait for them to build up their good reputation and customer loyalty as ASDA can end up with negative publicity which will stops them to hired good candidates so that they can run there firm efficiency and smoothly. Furthermore, if ASDA will behave unethically not only they will end up with poor reputation and less sales and profits. Example of what asda can do: ASDA might refuse to pay their employee final pay check for hours they worked with them after they leave the company. In addition it is important for ASDA to recruit staff ethically as this will help them to be the largest fast food restaurant internationally which again will help them in profits and they might want to expend their business further. Which means more staff will be required in firm and employee normally apply where the business or firm is running efficiency or large in size.