In Athens, festivals are the big part of entertainment. The festivals of Apokries or carnival literally means “saying goodbye to meat, is the three-week celebration before Sarakosti when the 40 days fasting period starts. Plays, street parties and other festive events are organised all around the city, and costumed Athenians gather in Plaka. A parade takes place in Moschato. Costumes, masks, confetti and other festive items can be found in specialised shops throughout the city. Tsiknopempti or Smoke Thursday, celebrated ten days before the fasting begins, is the last opportunity to eat a large quantity of meat before Easter. Large portions of meat are grilled at home or eaten out at tavernas; the whole city smells of charred meat. Moreover, The Feast of the Flowers is celebrated on 1 May. Greeks celebrate the beginning of spring with the Feast of the Flowers. The roots of this celebration stem back to Ancient times, to the festivals of the goddess Demeter. It’s also a National holiday, and tradition has it that families drive out to the countryside or spend their day in a park picnicking and picking flowers. Wreathes are made with these flowers, which hang on doors or balconies until 29 August, when the Feast of St-John is celebrated and the wreaths are burned in a bonfire. Rockwave Festival is the biggest pop rock event of the summer in Athens. Every summer, this festival takes place near Athens at the Terra Vibe Park in Malakasa, with a line up of well known international bands and musicians.
Furthermore, the late Night of Rebetiko music at Stoa Athanaton; outdoor cinemas during summer; Greek and international jazz and blues at Half Note Jazz Club; live-rock acts at the Gagarin 205 Live Music Space; bars and clubs in the Gazi neighborhood; open-air summer dance clubs by the sea are very famous. Walks through the Plaka (Old Athens) and the flea market in the Monastiraki area are also big source of entertainment.
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