enry VIII started the biggest invasions of France

enry VIII started the biggest invasions of France.

· Thanks to Henry’s great success,the Mary Rose was built between 1509 and 1511 as the first English gunship.

· Henry VIII established Woolwich and Deptford as the Royal Dockyards between 1511 and 1512.

· The continuous success in military earned King Henry VIII the title “Father of the English Navy”.

· Won the Battle of Flodden over Scotland in 1513, ending the battle in 1517.

· Henry VIII increased the number of battle ships from 5 to about 60 since his reign as the king.

· Henry VIII created a great numbers of coastal fortresses in the 1540s to defend England against the invasion.

· Renewed warfare with France and Scotland in 1542.

· French armies who landed on the English coast between 1545 and 1546 were defeated