As students in the 21st century

As students in the 21st century, there are many issues that increase the struggle of being dedicated to studying. Even I someone in their later years can find it difficult to concentrate on the task ahead. Factors such as: Mental, Emotional, Social and Environmental, to name a few. Under these main headings, branch off smaller causes for concern; listed below.
Social: One of the leading factors for myself and (I believe) most other students, would have to be Social life, the major being Social media. The checking of emails and mobile apps, i.e. Facebook all eat into precious time for learning. Also family and friends demanding your time and attention, these distractions could prevent us from achieving the grades we would need. Because of this, I would set Social above all other factors for affecting learning. As the saying goes, “The people in your life should reduce stress, not cause it”.
Environmental: Secondly, I rank surroundings and the world around me to be the next factor that can affect planning and organisation when studying. This consists of where and how you study. When studying from home, there are always distractions: housework, food to prepare and cook or technology to tempt you. Studying in a library there would also be distractions’ people coming and going and fellow students to speak too. Weather is another key player within this factor, it can have a major effect on your mood; if it is sunny it is hard to focus, always thinking about being outside and indulging on the thought of doing something else. On the other end of the scale if it is raining or cold you could feel miserable and struggle to find motivation. This then links into Emotional and Mental factors.
Emotional, Mental and Physical: How you feel can have a massive impact on your studies, low moods allow you to make excuses and procrastinate from what you should be doing. You could feel like you can’t do what is needed and will focus on other tasks rather than studying. I find it hard asking for help, so when I am stuck or don’t understand something, I find something else to occupy my time, it then becomes a vicious circle as I get behind and then stress myself out trying to complete by the deadline. Not taking proper rest breaks, will not help your mindset and can contribute to your emotional and mental state. The physical part of this factor is the actual planning, organising and structure of your study, learning to make use of tools available to aid with this, will ensure you have a structured plan that incorporates not only your studying but other aspects in your day to day life: appointments, family and friends, assignments, housework. Without utilising planning tools: diaries, schedule planners, urgent/important matrix, to do lists; Your time could become chaotic and you could end up affecting your mental and emotional state causing you to become stressed or anxious about being late for deadlines.