APPLE In recent times

In recent times, Apple has been in the top spot when it comes to customer satisfaction rankings. The main reason for this is Apple customers’ reliability. Apple relies on their customers’ knowledge for improvements and innovation. Over the past years, Apple has shown their ability to adapt a variety of customer feedback strategies including, market research to forge its path as a worldwide tech leader. And more importantly, Apple never forgets to remind their customers that “Apple welcomes your feedback on its products.”

One of the effective methods of monitoring customer service that Apple carries out is online feedback. This method has proven to be useful way for Apple to gain insights. Once the customer makes a purchase in Apple, they will immediately receive survey email asking about their satisfaction with the purchase, how likely they are to purchase again, any improvements they can do, and few more. Since the email is sent immediately after a purchase, Apple is able to capture quick, accurate feedback while a transaction is still fresh in the customers’ mind.
In addition to customer feedbacks through surveys, Apple also looks into customer reviews and what they are saying in social media, Apple forums and blogs. This helps Apple to gain what customers, who didn’t take part in the survey, think. This allows Apple to monitor customer service and product reviews and make improvements upon those reviews.

Although Apple Inc. started out as just another start-up company, today, It is considered one of the most influential and successful companies in the world. And it got that way with no small help from listening to its customers. Steve Jobs did not invent new products but improved existing products. For example, Apple didn’t invent portable music player, laptops or phones but the listen to customer feedbacks and made an improved product, which became successful.
Today, Apple continues to measure feedback and adapt to the results, a major reason for its continuing success. And while it remains one of the world’s biggest companies, Apple’s methods for collecting customer feedback are, fortunately, available to companies of any size.