Pre- access to health, Social care and social work
Chinelo Lillian MacIver

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In this essay I shall be elaborating on the case of Suzi. She has lived with her partner for two years. Her friends had informed her of him cheating on her with her best friend, and that has made her not been feeding well as well as sleeplessness.

Suzi as an individual is clearly unique, though sadly, she also represents many other patients who live in similar mental health condition. The press of this particular essay will be the review and management of her condition with reference to her mental health (poor feeding and sleeplessness).

Mental health, an overview
1.1 The term ‘Mental Health’ is when a person has the capacity to direct day to day activities, be in control of their behavior so that basic physical and emotional needs are not neglected or not fulfilled.

It is important to recognize that mental health issues affect everyone in that we all experience a degree of mental distress at some point in our lives.
However, it is also important to acknowledge that there are groups of people who have specific mental health needs at various times, who experience severe distress, and for whom labels can serve an important purpose. Such is the case of Suzi who have been told that her partner of two years have been cheating on her with her best friend.

Suzi need to understand that good mental well-being doesn’t mean she is not hurt by the fact that her partner cheated on her but that she feel she have the flexibility to cope when she finds herself in hurtful situation as this.

1.2. In this note, key components includes,
Coping strategies: this is the strategy one should use in order to feel distracted by any hurt or emotional pain. For instance, letting go of some offences, creating fun activities or staying in charge of his /her emotion.

Healthy self sense: this will enable her know her weakness and strength, thereby letting her in control of her predicament and not get stucked as she is now.

iii. Personal growth: this will help her understand that the real
Problem lies in the Way she interprets them. She should have
Remained rational rather than catastrophizing and getting stuck
In assuming the worst possible outcome.

Purpose in life: she needs to understand what she valve most in life in order to know her sense of direction, and she also need to set out goals and work towards achieving them.

Autonomy: she needs to have the ability to make own decision in times of hurt and not depend on people’s opinion.

1.3. To individual, it allows individual to realize their full prospective and feel more positive in places that provide tranquility and encouragement.
It changes individual life and create opportunity to learn.

To employers, it helps to increase work productivity
It also important in making meaningful contribution to the families and society as a whole.

Having said all these, she needs to speak with her partner to clear up doubts since it is just an allegation by her friends and not fact. Also she needs to go for counseling.
More so ‘she should engage in a sleep pattern ‘that is’, going to sleep same time everyday and waking up same time, as that will make her body system get adapted to it.

More so’, she need to get the right vitamins to support her feeding as that might help in increasing her appetite for food.

In conclusion, it is important for Suzi to realize that behavior change is something only her ‘the patient’ can engage in and motivation to do something is not an all or nothing phenomenon, but a matter of degree and readiness.